K R Nariman

Bronze Sculptor

K R Nariman’s artworks exhibit environmental concerns. The widespread threat to the natural world in the face of habitat destruction and resource exploitation pose monumental wildlife and environmental threats.


The human race is collectively responsible for the degradation of the environment around us, and that is reflected in the form of abstract human figures in all her sculptures. Her work is influenced by the degradation of the natural world and that takes its shape in the form of Bronze Sculptures of human and animal figurines in addition to nature inspired artwork. Hand crafted sculptures are primary to her practice and she produces small and large-scale sculptures.  Through these sculptures what is sought to be portrayed are the different ways in which nature has suffered due to human activity. However, we still have enormous scope to mend our ways, and take the path towards living in harmony with nature. What many of her sculptures attempt to show is that humans can in fact coexist with nature, and for our prosperity it is not necessary for nature to suffer.

K R Nariman’s research is primarily focussed on human activity that harms and destroys the planet’s biodiversity. A number of elements cause this disruption, including habitat alteration, resource exploitation, and deforestation. Due to consumerism and the lack of knowledge about sustainability, we find ourselves moving further away from our connect with our ecosystems. Therefore, her sculptures hope to impact the viewer on the pressing issue of today which is environmental change, and how we as human beings can directly or indirectly damage or improve our surroundings and ourselves. Her hope is to extend knowledge on conservation efforts that will ultimately lead people towards lifestyle changes so that a healthy habitat is secured for future generations.


Through Art, we have the power to reach out to society - to inform, educate and ignite a curiosity towards wildlife conservation and environmental awareness.


K R Nariman


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