Sustainable Ceramics
                     - Robert Harrison

Having been newly acquainted with ceramics over the summer, I found this book to be my cornerstone on which I first made my ceramic pieces.


Robert Harrison, being the pioneer of sustainable ceramics draws upon environmentally friendly, socially and sustainably responsible artworks. Choosing environmentally friendly materials which fit my sculptural forms has always been my short coming and I find by working with clay and terracotta, I am more self-aware of my artistic choices before the production of my piece begins.This book looks at all the ways of reusing clay, waste materials and how to save water, all of which I imbibed during the making of my pottery works.

Robert Harrison gave innumerable information on the carbon footage of clay, kilns, fuels and glaze materials; and how best to set up an eco-friendly studio. I found this read to be most informative as he talks of the portfolios of various artists and the consciousness of their topics vis-a-vis their artworks. He helped me realise the role of art centers, journals and other art organization’s that play an important role in setting up an economically and environmentally friendly work space and artworks.

This book ends with a section on ‘Practical Advice’ which I found most useful for myself before dappling with ceramics for the first time and how to think and work with this material. His book helped me be reflective of my choices in art and therefore work towards greater results in environmentally friendly art.