Myeongbeom Kim

I first laid eyes on Myeongbeom Kim’s artwork at 'Amphibology', his solo show at Galerie Paris-Beijing during my weekend getaway last year at Paris. 


Having researched on his work, I found his installation of a still deer acting as the tree trunk mesmerizing and that’s what gave me inspiration to make a deer head which later off set my entire installation on ‘Conservation’, based on wildlife concerns.

The juxtaposition of the natural with the man made is what inspired me to use found branches and leaves to be a part of my installation. . He sometimes uses everyday objects which I found relevant in my pottery works and constructs surreal installations with regard to his surroundings which I aspire to do.

Most of his sculptures are technically proficient and visually intriguing which I strive to bring into my artworks. A lot of his installations speak to me about the imprisonment of nature in our man-made world therefore raising questions of environmental concern where my artworks deals within the parameters of environmental and wildlife conservation. His installations speak to me of grave environmental concerns of which I’ve pointed to above and therefore speak to me as an artist and the very question I’d like to raise within my artworks, ‘will the imprisonment of nature and its many species be  allowed to flourish or just be made to wither away?’