3. RICHARD FOX              WORKSHOP

          Studio in Croydon, London

                15th October 2018




Richard Fox is one of the leading silversmiths of the United Kingdom. I had the privilege to go meet him this month along with a select few. His workshop was in Croydon and I spent the day getting expert advice on the artistic crafting's of silver.


Richard Fox spoke of his beginnings as an artist. Dedication, persistence and hard work were apparent trademarks of his long journey to becoming a successful silversmith.

The tour around his metal studio fascinated me and I got the opportunity to discuss technical aspects with a few technicians that are vital to his team. To hear of how his studio has developed over the years and see him operate out of his own space was a unique experience. I got first-hand experience on how silverwork is done and got to experiment in his studio for the day as well.

What I take back from the day’s events is to be hard working, considerate and dedicated to our craft always. Doing research, networking, being active and being thankful can go a long way in establishing yourself as an artist in today’s world. This was a great experience that I will always cherish.