Company based in Chennai, India

November 2018

BTR Packaging is a company based out of Chennai, India. They are some of the top manufacturers and suppliers of bags in India.Their director, Bharat Tandon is a private collector of art and has a wide variety of paintings and sculptures.

I was fortunate enough to meet him and interact with him over a meal. He took a fancy to my sculpture entitled, ‘the endangered wild goat’. My sculpture was put on his calendar of 2018 as the November issue.

I learnt that being able to confidently and answer in detail questions of your artworks aids the promotion of it. Being outspoken, confident, delivering the piece on time are all lessons I learnt on being an artist.

Persistence helped during the production of his piece as i stumbled upon difficulties during the casting this piece.

Hard work, dedication, networking, confidence and punctuality are all virtues, I understood that attribute  to the success of an artist.