New Delhi, India

July-August 2018

Studio Pot Shots is a learning institution initiated by Anisha Gupta Jain, who is a professional potter. Anisha has been trained from the prestigious institution , ‘Delhi Blue Pottery Trust’, India.

At Studio Pot Shots, I learnt the range of technical knowledge needed for pottery over the summer. Her studio is based on her terrace overlooking the forest and this atmosphere was the perfect setting needed for fulfilling my desires of learning a new form of art.

Anisha Jain taught me a great deal of technique, style, designs, patience and discipline needed in pottery works. I made a number of items in her studio and glazed them as well. I also learnt how to use the kiln; how to stack the various pieces and the temperatures needed to burn the clay.




Having shattered a few pieces, I also got interested in the Japanese technique of 'wabi sabi' and created a few forms of artworks in that sphere.

What I take back from my time at her studio is to be hard working, considerate, precise, having a clean workspace and being open to new possibilities. Doing research, networking, being active and up to date on social media and being thankful can go a long way in establishing yourself as an artist. This was a great experience and I definitely intend on heading back for more classes in the near future.